Saturday, September 15, 2012


Massacre I

Flesh summer is torn at death valley
Shining miseries trodden agonies
Slaughters houses butchers’ play
Rueful lineages silvery foot
Walking wit of death square
Shuttered bodies gazing eye sockets   
Muted outages is loudly dismayed  
Piled skeletons bloody outrage
Another layer of screaming carcass
Scatter their fate at red flower bed   
Spewed their freedom joyously
O God finally I am free!  
I paid it for my life, they say
Bullets ridden martyrdom ripped air  
Tattered littered rubbish ground
O dear where is our dignity  
Whistled around wounded ground
Finality fair purify rotten free air
Exhibit their impassionate ritual 

Massacre II

O love is stricken
Rage is a bold sward
Brave garland at mass grave
Dark tortured enticing dream 
Lively blindfolded at death
Reading their dream on text
Season is waiting to be crowned     
Lonesome martyrs’ marvel curses
Errant verses laid out each line
My ghosts will be your finals!
Carnages your last breathing!   
Death warrants for perpetrators!
Their fearless vengeance
Embolic, pompous deadly    
O their agonized season 
Tyrannical flank fearless   
Moon laid her wreath at altar   
Her vile breasts feed devils
Amorously restless her night  
Barely keep up her darkness  
Shall not forgive perpetrators---
She wails

2012. 08.08

Young Sun Kim-Walker