Thursday, September 27, 2012

unsc brainless dummy

United Nations of rational logical hoist of hotshots gathering:

Amanpour: Welcome, Foreign Secretary Hague to  my rosy-posy show!
Hague: Thank you for having me as a free  humanitarian musketeer!  
Amanpour:  do you know anything about NO-Fly-zone and Safe Zone?
Hague: O yes I know so well that was my play ground when I was young! You have to have a safe ground for nourish your young mind!
Amanpour : I am talking about Syria do you know about “Plan B” 
Hague: O yes I remember now, grave indeed,  we have so many options, that was one of option it was difficult one… because we have to  measures  so many variance, minds …we open options up…we have a huge number of country of “friends of Syria” because gravity of it, it is so grave we can not close these open end options…we will have meetings. Options we can do so many things to Syrian people….easy their suffering…
Amnapour: but we are talking about people lives… how can you stop the killing people?
Hauge: well yes that is unsc problems, we can do lots of things now apart from the stop killings…we have so many options…. We do lots of things… humanitarian aid, none-lethal arming, sanctions…. so many thing to EASY SYRIAN PEOPLE SUFFERING … BUT WE CAN NOT STOP KILLING…. We have so many options…. That is unsc job…
Amanpour: aren’t you  the unsc?  why can’t you stop the killing?
Hauge: Well yes we are unsc but we are useless as we can not stop the killing!
Amonpur: why that so?
Hauge: I don’t know, we can’t  stop the killing, because we don’t have peace and security and we don’t know what is that means! But we have so many options…   so many options…
Amonpur: do you mean unsc is dummy and useless?
Hauge: Well, yes you can say that it is is brain dead… we have so many options and a huge countries… but we can’t stop the killing…