Saturday, September 15, 2012

Why Middle East Angry?

In short, Operation Cast Lead never happened, Lebanon wasn't invaded in 1982 or bombed relentlessly for a month in 2006, the United States has never turned a blind eye towards repeated human rights violations by every single one of its Middle Eastern allies, drones either don't exist or never killed an innocent victim, the occupation of Iraq in 2003 was just a little misunderstanding, and the Palestinians ought to be grateful to us for what they've been left after forty-plus years of occupation. To say this in no way absolves governments in the region for responsibility for many of their current difficulties, but Americans do themselves no favors by ignoring our own contribution to the region's ills.

In short, you want to get some idea of why most Americans have no idea why we are unpopular in the region, this example of sanitized "analysis" is illuminating, though not in the way that Engel and NBC intended.

A great democracy is not perfect either, no systems perfectly accommodate to everyone need, but least democracy is better then any other system we?(I certainly) have known.  All these US occupied countries or allies there has been always anti-Amercian feelings one or another way. US is a great democracy in the earth, have many loyal strategic friends and partners, also have enemies within its friends, it is inevitable.  Also often the very people who yelling at  “Yankee go home!” they  know very well what Yankee  have been doing to their country; Good things bad things. People around world expect lots of thing US should do their country; politically and economically, all around world expectation high on US. Being the most powerful democracy, the world demand its burdensome responsibilities and high moral obligation for being a powerful and rich democracy.   No countries ask some African country  or its high moral obligation. Being powerful and rich is very difficult to live up others’ expectation for sure!  But you see one thing very sure when you are powerful and rich you can lots of things others can't.  A real power relation with beauty is complex , it can be immensely influential to humanity.   US defense budgets is some 20 or countries combine (See the figure below). The power military power goes with economical power can do lots of things- beneficial both ways, no countries should ask for free!  So we are very sensitive about US politics its affair more than our own countries.

Anyway around people’s belief, their way of life, something so dear to them but not to others, culture aspects of people life hold immense sentiment to every human being. Riots like middle east people say “Poor Yankee what have they done this time?”  well jut being a Yankee that is all! Freedom is precious commodity it has costs.  We have to understand and kind to others who don’t have that luminous privilege.   So we ask US should carried out its obligation on and act urgently on Syria, to help stop this  immense tragic Syrian people suffering and there are signs of extremists' activities. Also feel that under ground Syrian people angry US not help them!  They feel they are abandoned by US