Sunday, September 30, 2012

Harvest Season

As a land owner, as a farmer and keen investor agriculture sector, where our main businesses are, this is one of the most heartbreaking things you can see. These young crops lay on the ground lost its season of harvest, suffering from this bloody revolution. While so many Syrian people are hungry. If you are born breed cities  you wouldn’t  appreciated a  healthy harvests season. When a farmer golden healthy crops spurring of a vast rice field or dreaming drumming humming drops crops of orchid  orchard field  late summer where the bluest  sky comes to lovingly handy and then he could see his  great harvest season then he forgets all the hard work past months, that is a greatest satisfaction of any farmers could have in his land.  I believed problems some kind of chemical reaction, wonders dead soil like that middle growing season, tree dry and dead it seems to me some kind of chemical reaction. Bullets are not enough to wipe off crops, make soil barren and trees dead. I think terrorist assad is using chemical weapons on farm land. 

The below healthy harvest 

Shy wind nestled soft breasts  
Mid day sun cheeky faces
Glorious, past spring tales 
A plume of summer maiden 
Whose delicates neckline 
Splendours autumn affairs 
Songs of willow sky
Beneath her radian land