Tuesday, September 18, 2012

DO NOT Political Cover to the Criminal Regime

Colonel Abdel Jabbar al-Okaidi, the Free Syrian Army commander in Aleppo, said that he and other FSA officials had held an Internet conference call with Brahimi.

While Brahimi has insisted that "the solution can only come from the Syrian people," Okaidi accused the international community of "giving political cover to the regime."

He accused world powers of pushing the opposition to sit down for talks with the regime but without pressuring the government to stop its repression.

"We are sure Brahimi will fail because the international community does not actually want to help the Syrian people," he told AFP by telephone.

"We do not want the international community to help the Syrian people. We just want it to remove the political cover it grants to the criminal regime. We cannot be in dialogue with criminals."

What the world should know is that, there is no way end this conflict unless criminal Assad is removed.  History, any authoritarian  regimes was threatened of their existent they  created  brinkmanship  after brinkmanship  so that way criminal regimes  try to sustain their  power, but this Syrian conflict gone too far, it is not only brinkmanship but also there is no compromises mindset among the revolutionary, their attitude  is criminal regime or us that kind of attitude. Because of so much personal tragic involved.  Think about it, it is only peace in Syria without criminal Assad and along with few of cronies.  There is no way the two co-existence in Syria. The reason of extremists activities is because international community not help them but they have to accept whoever helped them  to removed criminal regime.