Thursday, September 20, 2012

Change Only

Change is only one way, the old mentality to new mentally! Completely change the way of thinking, the only way is achieving this is “removing” the top the thinking machine. Without removing the top, it is unachievable; the criminal is not reform-able. Ingrained his mentality Syria as his own family firm, if he is not he didn’t dare to committed in such systematic atrocity.  Need outside help a strong leadership, US leadership! One thing very clear, you can imagine if terrorist Assad not be removed from his position, what would happen? The reign will be terrorists’ paradise, bomb nest. Most effectively cost effective is removing criminal Assad few of his cronies by force or some kind deal with them to a safe passage their families. Criminal assad  is bombing with fighter jets whole towns cities and  civilian, for their submission and barging tool for his surviving  but will not happen. 

This is what terrorist assad is doing with fighter jets

Update: Sovereign state mean people and government, Syrian people is the sovereign Syria.  certainly bombing indiscriminately towns cities and innocence  people with fighter jets and driving innocence people out of their country and make them stateless,   is not a lawfully  represented government, but a bunch criminal terrorists gangs, terrorist  Assad can not accuse the FSA revolutionary,  who is protecting their own people  against criminal regime is certainly has its legitimacy!

Terrorist  Assad's   interview - this is how he is doing Syrian people, it is a criminal  regime.

Here is how terrorist assand and his gangster regime deliberately drive Syrian  people out of their own country and make them stateless. 

West is singing their memory stick song for sanctioning their bullshit wonderland and open their repository mouths grandiose Don Quixote windmill song and riding an useless donkey