Sunday, September 9, 2012

Syrian People are Master of the Show


Syria's  Criminal regime foreign ministry spokesman has criticised France for pledging to aid Syrian rebels, saying that will undermine the mission of UN envoy Lakhdar Brahimi. ... ( I cross of the above and Criminal regime in because I am vile...) 
O my my… here goes again same crap again Annan’s dead themes.  If Mr Braimi want to succeeds  his mission his approach should be, non political but  he should consider the above all, the followings as:

i)                    What is the best for THE SYRIAN PEOPLE, THEY  ARE MASTER OF THIS SHOW!  
ii)                  What is best for region,   
iii)                what is best for the whole world and its humanity. 

If not the above his mission would be doomed.The above criminal regime dribble comment  don’t even bother to think worthwhile. But so irritable me so I make comments. My blood  is boiling!  

Update: If Mr Braimi not to careful he will be fail into a fraud trap lay by regime and Russia, he will be  another Anann, who was so high  minded so busy to meet criminal  he unable to see  his true missionary masters' need.