Sunday, September 23, 2012

Terrorist Regime is Cooking up Something


Embattled Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's only sister, Bushra, whose husband was killed in a July bombing, is now living in Dubai with her children, Syrian residents told AFP on Sunday. 
Bashar has "accused her of being closer to the opposition because she did not entirely agree with his policies," Abdel Nour said. 
With Bushra's departure, Assad now has only his brother Maher, who commands the notorious Fourth Brigade, in the country. Two other brothers, Bassel and Majd, are dead. 
[Source: AFP]
This is very interesting, in a family business, a sister would know deep inside thinking machine, this mean the inner circle at all only few of cronies clings last strings without any hook.  FSA commander move into Syria and also an opposition(  who  may appear to a dummy for terrorist regime ) held a conference at Damascus, which is appears that just before incoming unsc, something for  Russia and China argue for their veto - every time unsc meeting approaches terrorist Assad something cooking it up to serve to  Russia and China so they can justified thier votes against Syrian people. 


The internal opposition has been accused of being too passive by rebel fighters and members of the largely foreign-based Syrian National Council, a political group calling for the international community to arm rebel factions.

"This is not a real opposition in Syria. This opposition is just the other face of the same coin," a spokesman for the rebel Free Syrian Army said.

"It is just a silly plot to mislead the international community to think there is a negotiation in place. They cannot be successful in finding an end to the civil war."

The put on a spectacle for setting up a dummy opposition and dummy negotiation tying to defuse and misleading unwilling international community intervention and unsc.