Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Clear Chain of Command

(Reuters) - The rebel Free Syrian Army (FSA) has moved its leadership for the first time from Turkey to parts of Syria that are now controlled by rebels, the group's commander-in-chief said on Saturday.

Credit: REUTERS/Zain Karam

Despite calling for Assad to step down, the West is wary of arming disparate rebel groups. Western diplomats say they are looking for signs that the rebels have a clear chain of command within Syria.

Now so it is if FSA establish a clear chain of command within Syria they could not make any excuse not to arm them! Well arm them is much cheaper then all refugee overflowing over humanitarian crisis.  West makes excuse after excuses, so no more excuse! One thing so clear NO-FLY-ZONE! Of course nothing easy but how west et al could respond this dangerous conflict! Let them as it is and let them infested extremist blow up whole region. All these  FSA revolutionary personal war, giving their culture, family extremes important to them, terrorist assad his gang destroy their home killed their loved one and drive them out of their country and make them stateless and their country has been destroyed by.  Decisive action from US et al, NO-FLY-ZONE  and arm FSA then, let them fight to decisively end. Or negotiation with the revolutionary, some kind of deal for terrorist Assad his family few of his cronies safe passage to  end this conflict.