Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Rebels Controls 80% of Syria

“We control most of the country. In most regions, the soldiers are prisoners of their barracks. They go out very little and we can move freely everywhere, except Damascus,” said Colonel Ahmad Abdul Wahab.
“With or without outside help, the fall of the regime is a question of months, not years,” said Abdul Wahab, who claims that he commands a brigade of 850 men in the FSA.
“If we had anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles, we could quickly gain the advantage,” he said, speaking in the village of Atma near the Syrian border with Turkey.
“But if foreign countries don’t give us these, we will still win. It will take longer, that’s all.”
I just can't to understand why west not supply these arms to FSA, they are keep singing buffoon mouths but in the end nothing has happen so far, all these daily killing so many innocent people  because of airstrikes. No-Fly-Zone also they were talking about but… all are bullshits. Now it seems everyone want to be a mediator. whoever they should know one things terrorists assad few of his cronies no place for the new Syria.