Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Confuse Not -Only One Enemy

Al Jazeera has interviewed Sharif Shehadeh, a pro-government political researcher and journalist in Syria.

Shehadeh addressed Iran's role in resolving the crisis in Syria. He also spoke about Wednesday's events in the district of al-Hajar al-Aswad, in which 15 Palestinians were to have been shot to death.


Since the first instance of the Syrian crisis, Iran has been capable of appreciation and respect by all parties, be it the national opposition parties or the Syrian government. Iran is seeking an internal solution, not as alleged by you [Al Jazeera] or others that it  was seeking a solution to protect the Syrian regime.

Shehadeh went on to say that Israel is a major factor in the Islamic Republic's stance on Damascus
Iran is seeking to keep a strong Syria and to keep it on the frontline for confronting Israel and to remain the protector for resistance anywhere ... This is why Iran is seeking to gather some Arab countries which had abandoned their own affairs and got involved in the Syrian affairs, thus making themselves part of the problem, rather than part of the solution.

He also said the opposition in Syria has yet to provide evidence that it in fact sees Iran as a hindrance to peace in their nation

That opposition has to give evidence that Iran is part of the problem. The Iranian initiative says all Syrians must sit down for dialogue and for reaching a settlement for all. Moreover, Iran has never rejected talking to the Syrian opposition and has even called for uniting the opposition, calling them for coming up to Iran and holding talks with the leadership in Syria

Syria, says Shehadeh, remained committed to the fight against Israel as other Arab nations backed off

Now terrorist Assad and his criminal regime at corner, ganged up with Iran or Iran sees their opportunity thought Arab Contact group, try defuse, infuse and confuse this crisis to blame Israel, knowing all the Arab countries and Syrian people hostility of the Israel, but the Saudi Kingdom, Egypt  the Syrian revolutionary confuse or do not mix not the two problems, it is cohort but,  initially, in this conflict their enemy is only one enemy, terrorist Assad and his regime. Iran tries to get benefit from stringing up Arab countries hostility feeling toward Israel, so that make it difficult to so that terrorist Assad bid time again. If really Iran wants to Syria their side they should switch their side to the Syrian revolutionary, why supporting sinking terrorist Assad ship?