Monday, September 24, 2012

Terrorist Assad Bombing Civilian

Syria crisis: Aleppo's deadly aerial warfare-  BBC

The  terrorist Assad air force jet roared over, making people crane their necks and flinch at the same time. 

people are looking survivors after terrorist Assad bombed civilian  homes 

Terrorist Assad  jets 'bomb Aleppo' ahead of Brahimi UN briefing -BBC

Government forces are bombarding opposition-held areas in Syria's second city of Aleppo, activists say
 Three children from one family were reportedly among eight people killed in air strikes in the central district of Maadi, not far from the citadel.
unsc  is  accomplice... history will tells unsc is how useless it become, gosh how many people out there  bully ineffective  unsc  

I slightly altered BBC wording,  changed name i.e. Syria jet to terrorist Assad jet, because I think he is not Syrian if he were he would not commit a such criming against his own people.