Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Gee...What Syrian People Wants

Qatar’s PM: ‘We have a Plan B for Syria’

Ofcours workable " will of Qatar" wish every country has the "will" to help Syrian people  so that we can make the "PLAN B" work.  QATAR  is a visionary and exemplary how prosper QATAR IS!  QATAR helped Libyan people too! That is beauty of power! HOORAY WE CAN DO THE  "PLAN B" WITHOUT unsc!  Can you see how useless unsc is? I bet if not too careful  Russia and China will be looking at the thier empty plates and deeply utterly regret their place of oily congregation!  unsc   can do "Plan B"   gosh  that is really good!

Via to Al -Jzeera   

 "PLAN B" 

The FSA  liberated area , they should have
1) Safe Zone 
2) No-Fly-Zone 
I forget one more
3) Make unsc useless  and powerless 

It  is doable it is doable for sure you can not say no, it is doable!!!! I sure you if every " Friend of Syria" or only US, Western allies and Arab League can do this without   unsc!    what is good thing about bully make effectively powerless! Hey we make the unsc useless bully! that make lots of people happy for sure !