Friday, September 21, 2012

Near UNSC Meeting

Every time when unsc meeting planned criminla assad publicized his hotch potch lies 

Here his sister defects, so clearly the terrorist killing is his last fanatical survival attempt;  

Moscow: Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's sister has fled the country along with her children to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Al Arabiya reported Wednesday citing an unnamed source. 

Bushra al-Assad defected to Syria several weeks after her husband Assef Shawqat, formerly deputy chief of staff of the Syrian armed forces, was killed by Syrian opposition forces July 18, the report said. 

Bushra, who already enrolled her children at a school in Dubai, fled Syria amid reported disputes within the Alawite sect, to which President Assad and the majority of the ruling Syrian elite belong, a source said. 

"Some Alawite leaders are worried that the whole sect would eventually be implicated by President Assad in crimes against civilians," the source said, adding a "front of Alawite officers" had reportedly already formed against him to side with the Free Syrian Army in overthrowing the ruling regime. 

While nearing unsc meeting he interview try manipulated as he going to negation the revolutionary bur we all know he is lying. Also Alawite officials should know the are the victims too they have been used by the criminal for his own family firm. In the end they are all Syrian regardless their sect