Monday, September 24, 2012

Terrorist Assad Inhumane Barbaric

See Clips terrorist regime soldiers ganged up beat civilians- unbelievably inhumane barbaric act of cruelty!

 This horrendous cruelty along with many countless tortures traitor terrorist Assad and his gang committed  to innocence Syrian people. what they have done?  They didn’t anything but they have asked freedom and dignity, that is only they asked for, why the world let him alive or let their conscience discarded under the grey shadow of power play?  You know power two edged sword, it will hurt you too if you abusing it, if you are truly powerful you can be save humanity as well as cost effective. To be frank, the  international community can not see this terrorist assad is a mere dead end little rotten rat at a corner, so if you are still support this inhuman you are one of these inhuman too. How could you call yourself a friend of this rotten lowest rat. No one no one Syria will accept this lowest kind.