Saturday, September 22, 2012

FSA Leadership INside Syria

The FSA commander said that since the FSA leadership had left Syria the group suffered all sorts of political pressure and interference by the international community and regional powers, whom he accused of wanting the FSA to run Syria once President Bashar al-Assad is gone.

Riyad al-Assad said the FSA rejected those offers, reiterating that the people of Syria are the ones who should decide the future of the country.

To the Syrian people, its freedom fighters and all the armed factions, we are glad to let you know that the leadership of the FSA has moved into Syria following arrangements made with other brigades that included securing liberated areas with the hope of launching the offensive on Damascus.

Since we left our country we suffered all sorts of regional and international interference and political pressure, we were isolated. Their goal was to have the FSA replace Assad once he is gone, but we categorically made it clear that we would never betray our people, reiterating that only the Syrians should decide their future institutions.

This is immensely positiveness movement! Must united and deal with effectively outside too!