Sunday, September 30, 2012

Language of Revolution!

in Homs schools revolution light! The humiliation and submission darkness! The 
martyrs are Npras science in their stories a lot of sacrifice and faith! It is a revolution in schools sheltering thousands of displaced people to terminate the numeracy and numbers! Salaam shells easier! does not have a laboratory chemistry experiments! Those scars and the effects of burns on their bodies explained! though caught feather colors and painted Onamlhm book science revolution and freedom, death and machine gun and cannon! Homs are talking the language of revolution! They study for generations to come بمافيها of parting, tears and groans and pain and images of the devastation to learn them hope and patience and ages! hand in hand we will work to graduate from schools revolution a generation free believer to Ehab odds!knew displaced and learned them Grow seed Asagoha and cared for by Stzahr inevitably even after a while...