Sunday, September 2, 2012

Hama Massacre

One thing so clear, any tyranny try to rule people by fear and deception is always end with violent tragic ending. Criminal Assad  deliberately  attacking civilians indiscrimination way so that they flee to neighboring countries.  Hoping that that evoke resentment  these neighboring countries stop support the revolutionary. Everyone would know,  is inevitable course of  stream flow one way, one way only!  It is revolutions.  You can imagine 21 millions accept the criminal regime after all of this? 80% literacy, median age is 22 years old. Vastly young population exposed western culture. With criminal Assad there is no future; middle east will be bomb nest, will be mayhem.   Iran and as well as Russia why are you supporting sinking ship?  When ship is sinking firs sign is rats are jump off the ship.  There is another an alternate battleship on the deck!  Also criminal lost legitimacy  in every sense. You can imagine if criminal was elected by people could he carried out such massacres?  In his twisted mind he consider himself master of the people instead he is a servant of his master the Syrian people.  This is heart of question we have to ask?

Massacre committed by Assad's forces - A revolutionary found the site and who took clip  just wail