Monday, September 3, 2012

Iran and Russia just Switch their Side

(Reuters) - Syria  said on Monday new U.N.-Arab League envoy Lakhdar Brahimi could only make headway if outside countries ceased helping rebels opposed to President Bashar al-Assad and instead declared support for a U.N.-backed peace plan. ( I cross off as I am vile and bias the criminal regime).  
What a load of nonsense, if Gulf and Western et al stop helping the Revolutionary then  the criminal is helped by Iran and Russian and carried out, mass killing millions people  and put million all jail? After all of this these 21 million people will be silence?

1)Will Syrian people the FSA revolutionary say nothing, do nothing? You know your answer!
  • As long as criminal Assad there, there will no peace in Middle East for sure!   
  • The region will be bomb nest!  
  • The problems are getting bigger out of control.
2)How this UN et al success?
  • Iran and Russia deal with the revolutionary same as they did to the regime, all  Iran and Russia have to that is just change their side,  just switch their side that is all. This is just my idea I am not sure the Revolutionary will agree this or not!
3)Or Arming the Revolutionary.
  • After November election, even before, US  et al armed the revolutionary really hard lethal arms, plenty of them within less than 3-5 months the FSA will be beat them for sure! You have to arm them.   

I am realistic in here, my sided of the revolutionary of course but inevitably.