Tuesday, July 23, 2013

World Hysteria

Dempsey gives details on U.S. options in Syria

...But the options outlined by Dempsey would involve a much deeper involvement by U.S. forces, carrying with them high costs and significant risks. Read more
Dempsey options are military point of view, the cost can be spare to the regional Golf States, because of their own interest of the conflict, all their kingdoms are in immediate danger if this conflict drags on and also drones can be highly effective roles i.e surgical strikes and also criminal Assad military is  not much effective on the ground without air power, recently he gained  bit because of intensive airstrikes and massive deployment of Hezbollah militant and Iranians. Without airstrikes Assad are losing on the ground because of his military all are  demoralized as majority of them are Sunni Muslim so Assad afraid of  deploying them because of possible defection. Also if this conflict drags on what is cost involved, it may be immediate cost is say a billion but then how much it will be the cost if this conflict drags on next 10 years? Without mentioning the unimaginable scenarios but not impossible, if the world fold their hand and drumming their hysteria it would be madness for sure and it would shut down all the system completely utterly!