Friday, July 5, 2013

Pro Democracy


Al Jazeera's Jamal Elshayyal, reporting from Nasr City in Cairo, says:
People here say this is no longer only a pro-Morsi rally. It is about resisting the military coup as much as it is about reinstating the first and only ever democratically elected civilian president.

Mr Morsi was in the office only a year,  people get angry because they thought if they overthrow Mubarak they can get all these  jingles bells and transformed their Egypt into an utopia at once but that doesn’t  happens… and also the minority  who didn’t vote for Morsi, they didn’t understand of core of democracy  is,  they have to respect  the majority  until next election or whatever the constitution says.   The military coup, danger of the military remove the democratically elected- legitimate - president and suspended the nations constitution not only is inviting deepest social chaos  but it shows there has been military is more powerful than the nation’s constitution.  The military places are inside their brackets, they never ventured out unless they are called for, that is democracy.  No military should ever ventured out and tell the nations who should be the president. Military coup mean, they ruled people by guns and tanks whatever they like, oppression, put the nations emergencies reasoning whatever they fancy for controlling  people, to exert their power to the people under their dictatorship.  I think Egyptian didn’t understand the danger of military popping out from their barracks and hangs around with their tanks on the streets and interfering politics… other then that, it seem,  the anti-Morsi didn’t have clear agendas of their own but they want to Morsi should go because he failed to meet their instant expectation for not turning Egypt into an utopia within a year.