Friday, July 5, 2013

Creating Jobs

Egypt's failed democratic experiment    - BBC  By Jeremy Bowen  

For all the talk of rebooting Egypt's political system, the fact is that its experiment with democracy has failed dismally.
The leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood and its political party, together the biggest political and social movement in the country, have been rounded up and locked away in a way that happened often in the years before 2011.
The army's intervention does not of itself do anything to tackle Egypt's huge economic problems. The country is deeply divided.
It is not a good beginning for a new era.
Um very dangerous, they have to bring  Morsi back to his job, he would learned fast his lessons after this... if he  is given his job back,  Morsi should represent all sectors of Syrian Egyptian people,  regardless different religions and pasties parties, who voted for him or were not.., he should above all the vagarious... that is president, like UK and US et al... when Morsi or another person..., priority of create jobs for the young people-  the main reason discontent  social unrest- barrow money from whoever let them, put infrastructural work, building roads, highways, and dames...etc

Updates: sorry the misspelling above, about Syrian , as you can see how much my through in Syria..., least you should give me that credit...!