Saturday, July 6, 2013


ElBaradei not confirmed as Egypt PM

Presidential spokesman says several options on the table for interim PM, after earlier reports of ElBaradei appointment... read more
The legitimacy of the Government and and the legitimacy Opposition are  created by overwhelming majority.The danger of destroying or removing legitimate government  by military  without legitimate steps, and  replacing  president is illegitimate,  and  appointing the Opposition leader as replacing  government's prim minister positions is well Egypt into a kamikaze. How can the Opposition leader become a part of government without legitimate steps? The Oppositions become the legitimate Government not by the military but by ballot box in democracy.   Because of Morsi mistakes people unhappy then there should another election or whatever the constitutions says. Egyptian people should not let the military interfere their revolution, if they want save their Egypt from a midst brinkmanship. People is the power not the military, Egyptian people ask military go back to their barracks.They should bring back to Morsi  his job and put him on trial if he was unlawful then impeach him lawfully or calling for  earlier election whatever constitution says, put his trial on the ballot box, if he want stands as a president, this will prevent no one will argue. The legitimate Opposition is only legitimate  when the Government is legitimate!