Monday, July 8, 2013

Muslim Brotherhood Is A Legitimate Political Party


Gehad El-Haddad, Media Spokesperson for Muslim Brotherhood and Senior Adviser to Freedom and Justice Party, has responded to the Egyptian Army's statement which included footage that they said showed civilians throwing molotv cocktails. Al Jazeera's Hoda Abdel-Hamid tweeted these lines:
Gehad al Haddad spox MB: video shown by military is old. "Total fabrication" he says...Gehad al Haddad spox MB: video shown by military is old. "Total fabrication" he says

MB, emphasis on political movement, less  religious view point but more weight on they are a legitimate leading political party by majority, stands high ground, not as a victim but a proud long struggled political party,  also must not violent but peaceful, a nature of military is a combat,  if a demonstration is getting violent that gives military excuses for declaring  emergency law and then they deploy tanks and soldiers at streets, crackdown, arrest people without warrant and then that is end of their revolutions and go back to Mubarak days. The  street people were saying " we asked the military intervene..."  No matter what in democracy, military impartial, it runs by "order" they are not take order from the street people how much may louder they are,  they only take order from their commander,  the president, who is the chief of  commander of army, who is elected by people by majority- order to military to do... accordance of the constitution. People proud of their military,  knowing they are the defender of the country and their people.   I only mentioned in democracy in hereMubarak case army  removed him was ok by people because he was an authoritarian dictator, he ruled Egypt by emergency law last 30 years.  Removing Morsi case he was democratically elected by majority,  was none of these Mubarak's,   he inherited all the bad things from Mubarak 30 years rule that can not be fixed within a year! What  the people went the streets should know, democracy has rules, not all free, not even perfect either far from it but better than any other systems so far... need patience, need on going process... accept mistakes and fix... open mind and tolerant differences...etc... look around advance democracy i.e. UK and US lots of scandals, try to intrusive  invasive to people, not fair to people, ... but in the end they know that the people is the King they vote for them they listens their people....  

Update: reading between line "Tahrir Square' people, there is has been misleading, whoever initiated the Tahrir Square demonstration  their motive questionable and also they have been saying "20 million people signatory" is also questionable... also military they have their own agenda...