Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Where is The Promised Weapons?


People wounded in fighting between rebels and regime troops in the central Syria city of Homs are dying for lack of medical equipment, the watchdog Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has said. 
"The army's continuous bombardment over the past 11 days has made the critical humanitarian situation in rebel areas of Homs even worse," Observatory  director Rami Abdel Rahman  said on Tuesday.
"An unknown number of rebels and civilians wounded in recent days are dying from their injuries, because there is no medical equipment to treat them."
Khaldiyeh and the Old City neighbourhoods of Homs have been under tight army siege for more than a year and since late June have come under steady shell and rocket fire as well as air strikes in a withering offensive by the regime.
"The little medical equipment the rebels could get into these areas was coming through underground tunnels. Now, these have been bombed too," Abdel Rahman said.
Activists on the ground confirmed the shortage of medical care.
"The medical community in the besieged areas of Homs is suffering from shortages," said Homs-based activist Yazan.
Large quantities of medical supplies, Yazan told AFP via the internet, had been used up due to the increased number of injuries caused by the shelling.
"This campaign on Homs has been the fiercest" since the start of the siege on the city's rebel areas more than a year ago, he said. -  AFP