Friday, July 5, 2013

Emergency HOMS

Criminal Assad Onslaught Homs with Chemical Weapon 

Homs briefing until Friday evening 6-7-13 (media report)
I. General situation
Gharti flight this morning and the bombing did not stop with various types of weapons, missiles and shells of various types were designed in such a way (bribes) which was barely stopped bombing for minutes on end and Friday evening at the time of writing this report.
Clashes on several fronts today focused on my forehead the door hood Khalidiya, Khalidiya was heaviest in terms of the number of axes in the neighborhood (East and North).

Second: the violent clashes and consistently great before the rebels and an unidentified gas fired tank shells
The fiercest fighting was around the neighbourhood and the army and rebels prevented progress attempts to move forward for hours Friday night and day until the astiaes entry began firing tank shells to blast the brown material to launch a gas-like (rust on iron) was launched into the air and everyone in the vicinity of the place of this article suffered severe burns effect, More than twenty young people subjected to these shells suffered burns so great melting skin and hair and burning them and cited them from an unknown position for now.
Cylinders and explosive rockets and mortars and heavy machine guns are all generated other injuries and numbers of martyrs, as a result, we have more than seven martyrs and what approach the five and thirty different types of injury.
Third: in the result and demolish the blocks in a row first defense
As a result of the census, cylinders and shells destroyed a number of buildings aldbat when the first defence in Ludhiana on one front only, and some second-line rebels defense and set and still sticky. ....
With the medical situation is now published by a doctor at the field hospital, Al
At Ludhiana bombing roasts BA toxic gases and medical situation spells disaster medical field hospital 5/7/2013