Monday, July 22, 2013

Childhood Food

This lady  is my Korean cuisine teacher I am learning from her how to cook  my childhood food. She is not really cooking authentic Korean traditional food- Korean ingredients are very complex process, take years years for development -  but closely related to my childhood food, I think she come from near my hometown, because her  foods are  similar to my childhood food,  she is also very resourceful.... so someday hoping I can cook, or enjoy cooking, using few of her tricks... I still can not comprehend people who loves cooking though! Her cooking is so easy and seemliness! I never heard of this vegetable before! so I must very ignorance Korean food!

Update: This is very familiar I will try this! 

I just remembered  I am soy allergy...  few years back I was so sick after had a soy milk... I am not testing soy bean sprouts, just in case.  But the soy sprouts is very interest project, they were fast growing!