Monday, July 15, 2013

Chief Of Staff FSA Statement

Syrian Arabic Republic
General staff
The Office of the Chief of staff
REF.:/ 102021/FS/
Date 14-7-13

In the name of God the merciful
Dear brothers:

Abounded in recent conversations about specific weapons and ammunition and distributed to combatants and their fronts in frequency space stations in cyberspace largely become all Syrians speak of qualitative armament and tactics battles and military operations against the regime.
The Chief of the FSA wishes to place in the hands of all the following facts:
1. the staff with all of its potential and is continuing to provide weapons and ammunition, medical and financial support and relief for fighters, but the reality and the conditions under which we work very hard and up us support in its various forms is far less than needed at the fronts and we hope that everyone will understand that we do not
We can talk more openly to any further clarification that the offender and have significant damage on the revolution.
2. distributed support (weapons, ammunition, and medical relief materials and money) as they were received to fronts, councils and powers, and knows the fact that fraternity leaders fronts and military councils and heads of branches in the leadership supply fronts, the staff maintains copies of receipts that show weapons
And ammunition and money delivered to all sides.
3. the responsibility for logistic and delivery to different fronts on leadership leaders also fronts fronts with distributing arms and ammunition to forces involved in operations in accordance with the plans of the leadership of the fronts.
4. quality weapons which entered from amount delivered to and used on battlefields and gave great results, but the amount was not sufficient for distribution on all fronts, and we continue to make every effort to get a new batch and large amounts covering the battlefields and we ask everyone to understand the difficulty of the conditions of our work and we, for reasons pertaining to the nature of the work we can not say more.
5. Calls upon the staff field reporters investigating brothers honesty and objectivity in their reports and to stay away from the recriminations and the allocation of responsibilities without the knowledge of the facts, and reporters know that the allegations by many powers that they did not get the ammunition or the support of the staff are baseless, staff sent to the fronts, fronts are commanders involved in details within their foremost front lines and ask all the forces battling the system to be on full coordination with the leadership councils
And fronts to put in the form of weapons and ammunition requirements for operations and we recall that little pillars mayati is not sufficient to meet all requirements and all must contend with this fact objectively and honestly and faithfully.
6. our war with the long and tedious and not on Facebook walskaib and not make the iPod people by accusing others, should not be abandoned and the responsibility before God, post any information on up or distributed weapons and ammunition from the militants, and remind everyone that Skype and Facebook and all pages
Social networking and dialogue programmes Messengers are impenetrable and the regime clients infiltrators among the rebels who claim to be revolutionaries and participated in newsrooms and in leaking false information and distort facts to sow discord and provoke feelings of hatred and animosity between the rebels and sabotage and elimination of revolution and remembers Allaah says: everyone in the name of God the merciful (o ye who believe, if the Yen: punk news, indicate that the party will give you become what you did to their regret).
7. the difficult situation on the ground and exposed to the pressures of intense field by the regime in Damascus and countryside in Homs and countryside and you know that the offender receive unlimited support Russia and Iran and fought with Hezbollah's criminals and mercenaries in Iraq extremists and Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan and us
To join forces against them and rely on God alone and our resolute and sincere guys

And the victory of God.

Major General Dr. Salim Omar Driss
Chief of the General staff