Monday, July 15, 2013

Chaos Middle East

One of  commentator from Al Jazeera has pointed out interesting  re;  Egypt, -- saying that, opposition claimed  that  millions of people at demonstration on the June 30 at Tahrir Square was  wrong numbers and misleading,  according to the Google, the Tahrir Square space only cater for 200,000 something and presidential place area only for 300,000 somethings, so only mere small number of people demonstration on the street, the military coup-- took sided  small number of demonstrators(opposition), which suite the military and removed the president who was elected by democratically through  ballet boxes, by majority of the Egyptian people. Now new government,  they are all filled with Mubarak regime people and  the key opposition leader who leaded the street people,  become vice-president,  while witch hunting begins with crack down Muslim brotherhood and  freeze their asset and custody democratically elected president without any trial... well the result is so predictable.

Another thing the army chief who removed the president from his job which was given by majority Egyptian people, reasoning  "Egypt's military chief says the ousted president violated his mandate and entered into conflict with the armed forces."  This says all what is the military agendas are, the army no right removed the demoniacally elected president because of few  minority of unhappy people on the street and put their leader in vice-president, well all predictable what is going to happen!  It appears that Egypt may go backward 50 years. I think US- US again yes - have to say that is a military coup and  sort out  the mess! Very hard life for being the superpower!