Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Image Problems

Yes, but Muslims has a huge image or perception  problems because of the few! So Muslims needs to a huge marketing for new branding! Brings out more REAL Muslims to the world!   When I was a child there was huge fights main stream of Buddhists sects(psychically with sticks, stones), I could not believe, I thought one of most caring kind of monks were very robustly psychical and become horrendous gangland gangsters,  could not days Buddhisms is perceived as a one of most peaceful  non-psychical believers...temples are become day-spars,  penetrated into every comers of well heeled streets, sells panache  stress freely, piece of mind...  all but branding... another  Christian  crusades,  they were one of most savages blood thirsty in history, now days every corners of streets they establish their shop( Church),  they put out banner like "... Jesus was a refugee..." and " Jesus  was a black..." and " Jesus was a gay or Asian..." selling Jesus shamelessly to everyone ... Christmas is the biggest celebration  in the earth everyone loves the holiday everyone gets bargain, regardless religion  also Christian are known to be very fond of law, they settle with their enemies by law not with bombs blow up innocent civilian. And I saw a news another day, there is a new establishment  for "none believers" I suppose religions are also part of  our endless evolution.