Friday, July 26, 2013

The World Most Tasty Drink

This is one of my favorite my childhood drink. Hot summer days, when the  caprice cobalt sea dreams of her vast horizon...after school, nice home made cookies served with cool nice drink, ofcourse water beans, rice cake ice drink too, you drink whole summer up, I was a very healthy strong girl.  I didn't realize that how easy it is to make this drink. I am going to try...! She made so much familiar deserts in here,  makes so easy...all these things my childhood food. She come from near my home town for sure, foods are very similar... I like them all, you can imagine...  these food are backward village traditional home cooking! She always tasted her cooking afterward and always says  "... O my god it is  so tasty....!" Ahahah... she send herself up always! Wonder, she ever made tasteless food for herself!