Saturday, July 13, 2013

Every Foreign Fighters Should Leave Syria

FSA witness how the FSA commander were killed by Al Qaeda!

That's right, foreign fighters no right to be there regardless which side they are in, if they have their own agendas!  Hezbollah Al Qaeda and Iranian must leave from Syria! Most of disappointment was Al Nursa affiliation with Al Qaeda, take advantage of whole situations to enforce Islam(extreme) to people. Any religions should be choice of people freely! In my view any religions that are not take evolutionary route that will be myopia. Evolution of religion, i.e Buddhisms, temples are now open for niche retreats for selling special experiences of full course enlightenment- you don't need to know the meaning of it, instant enlightenment simple courses cater for busy people looking for meaning of life,  if you can not be enlighten within a week that is your problems not monks problems, no refund policy-a  leading ritual monk would say....empty yourself... nothingness... unselfishness...very nice indeed and sincere.... now days ATM  machines everywhere so ready to empty your heart and soul and wallet too... be subtle... I heard also monks are take business courses and stock market trade and going MacDonald and eyeballing at pinball machines ...that is a new generations Buddhisms! All these hundred years, monks have been watching boring taunting mountain mist and cloudy silences finally they breakthrough  art of seductions on people killing softy heart and soul into their umbilicus submission. Here become an instant Buddha yourself 

Via from Syrian Days of Rage