Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Military Bipolar Disorder

Egypt's army chief has called on Egyptians to hold mass demonstrations to voice their support for the military to put an end to "violence" and "terrorism".
Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi, who ousted elected Islamist President Mohammed Morsi on July 3, said on Wednesday that he warned the Muslim Brotherhood against using "violence" against the "Egyptian people".
"I urge all Egyptians to rally next Friday to give me an order to face possible violence and terrorism," he said.
"Military and police will protect this Friday protests in all provinces. We have a date set."
Addressing the Muslim Brotherhood, he said: "Do you want to rule the country or destroy it? Do you want to have the military on your side or destroy it?
Essan Elrian, a Muslim Brotherhood leader, reacted to his Sissi's statements, saying millions of people will protest only against the "coup" that ousted Morsi from power.
"Your threat will not prevent millions to rally against coup. You are a coup leader and people have rejected the coup," he said.
 Unbelievable, military is a genetic disease, their innate destructiveness  beneath dark shade, creeping chopping interfering barraging  which is become a full blown manic depressive mania. The military is manipulating to Egyptian people and saying "... I urge all Egyptian to... to give me an order..." it sounds Egyptian people very powerful but in fact you know the rest...

Update: Look at this currently military coup countries all are in Africa,  except Fiji and Oman.

Update: all the military dictators  were lots of things common, few things in here; wearing sun glass, lots of badges on left chest, claim that people is their boss, etc,  and they are all bloody thirsty,  and also evidently when people more educated there is no military is creeping out from their barracks.  Egyptian people should know they are heading to 50 years backward.  But up to your choices, you can make bad choices that are your right you have right to make bad choice for yourself but you have no right make bad choices for your children and their children...