Saturday, July 27, 2013

Anti Military Vs Pro Military

Egyptian people  are deceived and manipulated by the military. In my view: 1)  Military must stop witch hunting Muslim brotherhood et al... 2) Release the arrested Muslim brotherhood members  and Morsi, 3) If Morsi want to be again a contender of another election then let him, the result will says what Epgtyan people want, so clear the air.... but then Sisi et al  their agenda is questionable, he is an opportunist sees himself an opportunity, highly unstable, absence of legitimize power, people like Sisi never miss the chance, he may be see himself  a next president... the problems are Egyptian people see themselves can do everything if any government elect or none elect they can change if they don't like but  problems is, they let Sisi kind of guy a great opportunities for seize power, then their country head backward for another half century! Christian and Muslim fight, anti and pro military fight, rich and poor, educated and uneducated... all but messy, anyone who has tanks and firepower easily in control!