Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Criminals Also Depressive

(07 10 13) Al Riqqa ‪#‎Syria‬ | Anti depressants Found with Regime Soldiers

Criminal Assad feed his troops for anti-depressants. A story goes, one fine day a mass murderer Assad go to a doctor and ask;
Assad: I am terribly depressed I need your help!
Doctor: Ok tell me what is your childhood,  who were your father and mother?
Assad: Well my father was a mass murderer tyrant himself, watching people that was his life time profession, my mother is a  great vile  household task master, she canonized herself holy solicit her marriage to my father!
Doctor: How was your childhood?
Assad: Filed with terrors horrors  with suspicion, didn't trust anyone not even my shadow! Speak divine content of deceiving others.  And learn how to commit mass killing that was my childhood!
Doctor: Poor child your unworthily born never needed this worthily world, you have no cures but go back to where you come from!