Friday, July 12, 2013

Smear Campaign Against FSA

It appears that lots of smear campaign  against arming FSA revolutionary going on, it is appears that calculated  propaganda from Al-Qaeda  for against West and US et al arming  FSA, saying that they are buying advance weapons  from FSA but these weapons are not hardly available FSA, certainly even if they had they would not sell as we can see Homs these weapons vital to defeat criminal Assad. I think FSA must act swiftly investigate about that fact.

Meeting al-Qaeda in SyriaAl-Qaeda's Syrian branch has been cementing control of villages near Turkey's border and aims create an Islamic state.
Delaying arming FSA is grave consequence, Al-Qaeda established their nests they see West and US arming the FSA is threaten to Al Qaeda,  as we can see where criminal Assad positing into, certainly this Al Qaeda infest on around edges are good for criminal Assad, it gives West and US  may stop arming FSA, so this come to conclusion, are they Al Qaeda and Assad cooperation? Certainly we have seen their common interests, criminal Assad excuses  to his killing is " terrorists" and Al Qaeda is another Hezbollah for Assad!