Friday, July 12, 2013

Where About US Promised Weapons To FSA

Why the U.S. Congress is reluctant on Syria

If you have been wondering where are the weapons and ammunition shipments that U.S. President Barack Obama had promised Syria’s rebels last month, the Congress has inadvertently answered this week, derailing any military aid to the opposition. The move has little to nothing to do with the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad, and more with the nature of the fractured and infiltrated opposition, the state of minorities, and the security of Israel....The rise of extremism and prominence of groups affiliated with Al-Qaeda within the opposition, as well as Israel’s security, drive the Congress’ hesitation on the issue....Read more
Naturally, it has been almost 30 months into the revolutionary, this peaceful revolution  become blood bathed  radicalization because i)  criminal Assad carried mass atrocity, genocide  against Syrian people, millions of people, 25% of population is internally externally displaced which helped by Iran, Hezbollah and Russia. ii) international community is abandonment this immense human tragic saga of mankind as if none of their own business. US Congress who against arming FSA, only half mind half eyed vision unable to see the whole picture, they should see criminal Assad, not a trivia - a rebel eating enemy heart and if he gets his way what would happen? The region will faced on 100 years war perhaps!  That is a bigger scale and a smaller one, US Congress should may consider;  iii) who are more dangerous to  Israel; Iran+Hezbollah+Assad  or FSA>>al Qaeda( few thousand foreigners in Syria, now seem they are fighting each other). Every decision have risk, risk vs reward, in my view arming FSA less riskier than  any other option at the moment. Syria is very US's interest, as you can see it is a regional  and toward  a global war. Only one has to go, that is Assad!

Update: Putin used the incident of  rebel eat enemy heart at  the G8 summit and also a Latin America UN envoy, his reasoning of  vote against the Syrian revolutionary its Assembly  because of it, I think these people who are important position they should able to make decisions  without bias or more wise or  rational.... or should they suppose to know the nature of war? Or  should they know what is nature of human being?  Or perhaps finally they should looking inside themselves,  ask themselves whose  responsibilities is this inhuman  human act? Putin told G8 leaders that they should stop support the Syrian rebel, well then Putin is the very person account for supporting mass murder  Assad as a result a rebel turn into a momentary monster, because he is a very human! And Putin and Assad are very inhuman!

Update: BTW, cannibalism is not illegal most of countries, yes inhuman, most of the criminals on media sensation cannibalism  they charged other offences. Criminal Assad every second he kills Syrian people, people focus unimportant things. Remember this is a war!