Friday, July 12, 2013

Wining Hearts of Egyptian...

Pro-Morsi, demonstration must not violent but peaceful, violence gives military excuses to marital law and also  people may turn off… wining hearts of Egyptian people  emphasis on heavy weight on the “the Legitimate Presidency of Egypt” which was elected by democratic majority by the people,  and deposed by a military coup,  rather then focus on Morsi individual person but focuses on a legitimate leadership and legitimate  political party, not a party of particular religion.  

Update: What Egyptian people don;t see because of their jubilant or anger, if they let go the  military set the precedent to depose the democratically elected president, the military sits above the president and the constitution which it has happen, it will be happen again again.... so they have to address it legitimately, if Morsi made mistake or commit offence, do it according to the constitution, that is real people power. The people power within themselves not ask their military do for them. Real democracy that is not military job!