Monday, July 22, 2013

Clock Can't Turn Back

Tilting the scales
It’s true that the rebels are in a crisis and are incapable of progressing. But it’s not true that Assad’s regime is in the situation of a victor despite the fact that his forces gained some of the positions it previously lost. Truth is, the rebels are steadfast amid much more difficult circumstances, and they still control most of the areas they gained last year in north, south and east Syria. Their capabilities have not weakened as much as the regime’s capabilities improved as a result of the thousands of trained fighters which Iran and its allies sent. Despite this huge support with men and arms, Assad’s regime is incapable of finalizing the battle, and it has failed to attain several significant victories. Proof to that is that gaining control over Qusayr is the greatest of its victories. But the regime has failed in Homs, Aleppo, Rif Dimashq and Daraa. It shells them with warplanes, tanks and cannons and uses chemical weapons without achieving decisive victories. The checkpoints and the few towns it gained after all the force it used foretells the regime’s inevitable defeat later
Finally, I still think that no matter what Russia and Iran grants Assad and no matter how much western countries insist not to grant their advanced weapons to the rebels, it’s impossible that the Syrian revolution’s clock turns back. What’s done is done, and if the regime ever survives, it will only survive besieged in its sectarian zones.
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 Yes, in every senses FSA is much stronger and high morals, needs lethal weapons that is all! Yes so demoralizing US snails speed arming... very laughable fear of arming FSA because of  al Qaeda, that  is highly dull pitched  tootless accordion  crying wolf. Criminal Assad focus on his own survival, Assad and his allies Iran, Russia et al  didn't  care much of external  internally displaced refugees...