Sunday, July 14, 2013

Temple Stay for Obesity People

One of many, you don’t need to be a Buddhist to stay at the Buddhist temples. There is no obligation, no one force to become a Buddhist. Monks are now day become more sublet, in olden days they were known to be -- a norm- sons of  wealthy families become monk, they brings with properties, monks were very well connect or well tuned all these village towns people's life whose who,  in that was one way they increase their wealth, now days no one do that so monks  have to more creative that areas. Hey, nowadays  no one become a monk unless you are well sort of  crazy… recent decades   Buddhism’s has been incredible  transformation, revolution went thought --as a traditional oriental religion to westernization,  they have been tapping on Westerner’s mind and soul, they have money, you know when your take care of basics so human life human are became very adventurous, that is where monk's  innovation start, a monk’s niche market. Amazing nowadays all the westerners filled Asian temples as if they are the original forbears of Buddhism, they have more better knowledge of Buddhism than most of Asian. The Asian  are more toward western religion i.e. Christianity. In Korean for example, its perception of Buddhism is poor people’s religion and Christianity is rich or more civilised religion, in western society opposite way.  Anyway make an endless long story short, lots of western people(now day even Asian too) suffering from obesity because of the all the nice junk food see below a traditional temple food.

A traditional temple food in Korea

As you can see very small for monks, baby food in normal city life that is acutely what human need - well most monks are suffer from lack of  calcium or other minerals because of their frugal deprived diet- for normal people “temple stay” would be a little different, so people would staving first few days but after few day your brain tells Is OK  for small quantity then  you are  in business. Deprived your sensuality of  food, you will lose incredible amount of weight in very short period of time!

Update: very simple rational of losing weight is; you eat less than < what your body needs calories.