Saturday, September 8, 2012

Why My Hero Is Crying?

Brother, why are you crying? the boy asks tenderly, and gazing at his hero with wonderment and awe, in his inquisitiveness mind full of wonders and queries to his hero sad feeling, his body also tensely focuses, widely open inferno eyes and observing his hero immense curricular curiosity, further another  hero dead body lay under ground, wrapped with blankets, surreal ornamental of memory his childhood, this is how his gift of  freedom from his heroic brothers fighting for him, freedom is granted in his beloved Syria in this way. this will be his cherished yet terrifying memoir.  The below picture showed that this was a heavy battle ground few FSA were killed. I remember one of my first memory of childhood was, encountering a red pamphlet of propaganda- shackled farmers, that imprinted my memory vividly and I have been asking questions myself why in such vivid memory of. This heartbreaking yet amusing images tells us the harsh reality of the battle  ground how children endures  such deadly encountering of their daily life in revolution. His yet to incomprehensive world around him greatly extended range of his wonderment that ; death bombs guns blood sufferings that is his  childhood fable that conversing his fertile soil in his Syria, we grown up dreaded knowing  but promising eerie optimism.  I bet lots of people see themselves in the paragon boy’s inquisitiveness.