Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Terrorist Regime Ending Due Course

Ms. Andoni says that while there are legitimate concerns over the impact on the wider region should the Assad government fall, this cannot justify support for a regime that kills civilians.

“Many people have supported the Syrian regime because of its important role in the region in countering Israeli expansionism,” she said.

“But the moment the Syrian people rose, the claim to support it because it is a resistance state is no longer valid. It does not give the state the right to kill its own people.”
“It’s nice to know you stand with us but it’s not stopping the massacre,” shouted a refugee during the French official’s visit. “We don’t want humanitarian help, we want rocket launchers and weapons.”

Garden of hope, sentimental trees lovers
Syrian people peaceful demonstration hijacked by criminal regime by guns tanks bombs. Police authoritarian states regime like Syria inevitability of meeting its ending. The Syrian people demand is a due course, a natural phonemes and evolution of civilization. Criminal regime authoritarian mentality is out of date, their tyrannical tunnel vision unable to see the people rightful demand, so the regime is dealing with peaceful demonstrators bloody massacre atrocity, naturally the people  picked their guns and ask outside help. Every country internal political turmoil  linked with geopolitical of regional and international actors. Nothing wrong, whoever they have right to take their own side depended on their own interests. Whatever you call it, Western conspiracy or… so far the criminal regime closely allied with Russia so the incoming new power Syrian may be may not, who knows.  However they should know no regime is  sustainable who commit in such atrocity to  their own people. Progression should not be made without changes.