Friday, September 7, 2012

Syria is International Problems

 International Moral Obligation for  NO-FLY-ZONE! 

NO-FLY-ZONE urgently needed. This is first step to stop immense Syrian people suffering  and  to stop massacres!

Children Refugee Camp 

Horrendous massacre after massacre is not only Syrian internal problems but  international problems too, so that criminal assasd backed by Russia their themes song has been   “outsiders  should not  interfere!”  solved within. Russia and China vetoes gave criminal Assad green light for committing atrocity.  Criminal give unlimited power for his ground troops for committing atrocities whatever whoever they like randomly.  There is no rule for where  to bombs or to shell or to kill but rather anywhere round about  areas where is anti-criminal mood,  they carried out massacre. Criminal regime sing“ don’t interfere this is internal problems!”
Both immensely expensive  and terrifying security and economical  problems for international community, i.e. refugees, instabilities regional and global security. Russia give assurance to the West criminal Assad no chemical warfare, -  this give US excuse not doing anything until  the election over- still two months away! While this sadist criminal assad sealed  off or closed off  international  community  and carried out systemically carried out mass massacre top to bottom.  

It is international community moral problems,so many innocence civilian people, especially so many children   immenselysuffering while international  community sit there fatting up their fat asses front of their cheesy TV screen watching  news for their  holstering panorama.  It is morally destitute economical suicide. So many powerful and caring journalists and media( their doing really a great jobs)  but many powerful people  around global community they are not doing enough.  7 billon world population least about few million people can lend our shining moral swords calling for No-Fly-Zone for Syria people, surely able their government listen to them! The world community collectively rise their shining swords for calling No-Fly-Zone for Syria people! 

Update:  European Union  they should provide NO-Fly-Zone, curing disease much costly than prevent the diseases.