Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Imminence catastrophe humanitarian crisis of Syrian refugees. The criminal  deliberately  target on civilians  since last August,  they carried  out intensive airstrike civilians areas deliberately drive people out from their home to flee. This can only solve problem this conflict  by two way we could ask questions ourselves as: 

1)    Criminal Assad and few of his cronies go… end of this conflict.  Is this possible?
2)    The Revolutionary FSA millions of  (21 millions people considers) stop fighting and hand over their guns and fold their hands  sit and wait to be killed or jailed or do nothing and or permanently silence and never united their familIies refugee camps. Is this possible?

We know then which is possible which is not. We international community think very simply which is the way we take our road  to  ahead. You don’t need to be kind person even realistic and the result we care for. You don’t need to think anymore unless you are  criminal side.  
Majority of  these internal and external refugees  will be permanent  refugees unless the revolutionary wins, otherwise which will be permanently burdensome international community that cost immense. That kind of resources better spend else where betterment and improving humanity  instead no happy end result of this human tragic.