Saturday, September 1, 2012

Coward and Lairs

URGENT# : Damascus / Al-Qataifah :A captive of the Assad Army confessed today to FSA about the coming plan of regime in Al-Qutaifah:"The arrival of 600 thugs from Iran and they will receive one of air defense battalions and other 400 thugs will be brought from Tartus to take to the streets and on Saturday 4000 more of thugs will be coming from Iran".

Well certainly everyone who are supporting criminal regime not only coward but also liars. Iran has been promoting  neutral for Syria conflict  at the Tehran meeting. 

Here apparently Russia is  shipping their weapons to the criminal regime by passenger airplane. Also Mr Mursi comment make bit of pang for donkey regime who can say what.  The thing is everyone can say indigently legitimacy  if a tyranny  regime carried out mass destruction and commit atrocity and threatening the world humanity, everyone can say. Not only Syrian people but anyone who cares about dignity of humanity, what a stupid comment criminal regime donkey races saying that no one can, say but only Syrian. since when they cares about Syrian people. Well Syrian people said over 18 months ago so the world know. Also Mr Mursi comment is not come from he as a politician but he is a wise human before politician, so he able to make wise judgement in his position. surely million of Egyian choose him so we have faith on their wise judgment of their choice of their president whether he is wise or not. Anyway the criminal regime if they were decent human being they never threat their own people in such way. Also FSA right should shoot civilian airplane if they used as weapon carriers instead people. But make sure of that that are weapon carriers. If they are come from Russia well then the bloody hypocrisy unsc should responsible for it.