Saturday, May 12, 2012

The World Is Not Convinced!!!

Criminal Assad try to tell the Syrian People upraising as sectarian war as;

1)      Huge bombs blew up at the Syrian capital, Damascus.
2)      There is immediately Assad criminal side blamed the Opposition “ armed terrorists”  
3)      All the criminal Assad side media immediately publicized about the area focus on civilian causality, interviewing  angry peoples extensively. Evokes peoples’ anger, try to discredit and undermining  the popular people uprising.  
4)      Syrian State television has reported that counter-terrorism agents have stopped a suicide attack in Aleppo, killing the would-be bomber. The report said he was driving a car containing 1200kg of explosives. (Al Jazeera).
5)      The very same day, Criminal Assad submitted letter to the UN protect Syria from “ armed terrorists” attack.
6)      Through this he tries to; i) seeking a  justification of his crime committing atrocity, ii) to take media attention away from the every Friday a huge demonstration everywhere, block all the coverage, iii) justification of closing  the Aleppo( other universities) university. Prevent for a huge student demonstration.  
 "We tell this regime: Stop your massacres against the Sunni people. If not, you will bear the sin of the Alawites. What is coming will be more calamitous, God willing," it added, referring to heterodox sect of Shia Islam to which President Bashar al-Assad and much of the ruling elite belongs.
This appears that revenge attack to Assad side for killing Sunnis, this evokes a sectarian haters among Syrian people.  Assad criminal knows his supporters are fading way because tired of i) no money no honey, ii) they know criminal has no future. iii) he has only last hopeful option is that evoke sectarian war to maintain his power. i.e. If I goes all Alawites will be killed…evoke terror… 


Retribution claim from the al-Nusra;
The group frames its attacks as retribution for alleged atrocities committed by government forces. There has been online criticism of the group, including suspicions that it could be an elaborate Syrian government plot to justify its crackdown on "armed terrorist groups"…
Regardless of whether or not there is an al-Qaeda connection, al-Nusra's ideology is clearly jihadist. 
Although its primary target remains Syrian security forces and pro-government militia, it has referred to the US and Israel as enemies of Islam, and has attacked the beliefs of other religious groups in Syria, including the Alawites.

Knowing US  allies are paranoid by al-Qaeda, US election still fairway, Obama won’t do anything near future in Syria, so we could say that criminal Assad try to i)evoke sectarian war, ii) seeking the world attention of al-Qaeda among the uprising not  the Syrian people uprising, iii)  he seeks justification of crackdown …etc… by doing this certainly   v) seeking support from Russia and Iran, and  Alawites…vi) seeking and  hopefully US “don’t care of Syrian People uprising” …US back off… fear of al-Qaeda infest  in Syria…

Sums up becase of the bombs Assad criminal come out better than the Opposition so far! This quite clever work on from criminal side but The World Is Not Convinced!!!


Yesterday afternoon almost sundown, I walked at the garden, full blown autumn walk alone, whistles leaves in here there their life come end they are faithful, there always season and the spring, it is a solace music immensely sad beautiful rhythm of season, you humble front of  her giant maiden virtue, that she steals your heart away, her innocence her truthfulness, we always seek her when we are in lonely and troubles,  you know the world should be more beautiful than  ugly but we see more ugly stuff… but we are faithful to her as she never betrayed us, she always to our side, she is a just and  bring her goodness to us!