Tuesday, May 15, 2012

UN Need a Fitness Test

 The officials and diplomats said aid distribution could be hijacked by those in the Syrian government who would like to use it as a means of getting access to opposition strongholds currently off-limits to government forces or for punishing rebel-held areas by denying them access to humanitarian aid.
 "It's important that any aid is delivered impartially," Amos said. "It needs to go to people who are in opposition-held areas as well as ... to people who are in government-held areas. And monitoring is very important for us too, so that we know that the aid is going to the people who most need it."
With the UN muscle, if UN can not carried out this humanitarian aid mission to the civilians, and let criminal Assad highjack this UN humanitarian aid for his criminal purpose, the UN should going to fitness test whether UN fit for the exist as it is! The whole thing become a farce, currently UN is sheltering criminal assad against innocent civilians!  

at least 50 people were killed in the attack during which a car belonging to the United Nations team was hit.
 Criminal assad don’t care as UN is sheltering him under “ Annan mission”, I must say, this criminal army attacking is very calculated; i) Just destroyed a UN observers car but not harmed them, so 300 observers safety is criminal’s hands ii) this psychology subtle  manipulation for the 300 observes submission for his protection, i.e, if you are not listen to me I can kill you…a kind of  threat
So the observers are the work on criminal side and helping him in sustaining his breath little longer. But how long?  

Update: I am not sure all the legality of the UN in Syria but we the world should asking; a) why the observes depend on the Assad for their security? b) What happen if (just if)any of the UN observers are being killed or their safety threatened,  what happen then? Are the UN has power to punish any of them ( both side) whoever responsible for the crime! c) Is that(penalty) is heavy enough they will not  dare to do it?