Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Who Is Behind The Terrors

Prior to G8  and NATO summits, last few months car bombs below off few area, the world  media fanatic about  Al Qaeda attacked Syria. Instantly deliberated leaked information by the criminal Assad side  that were lead to believed that Al Qaeda militias worked with the Opposition, and but they were denied the bomb and blame criminal Assad. The below  is another analysis that criminal Assad has been doing all the nasty things that intent to blames the Opposition. 

It is widely known that Syria is a secretive country where journalists cannot operate freely and where independent investigations are as common as pay rises to Greek public sector employees. Forensic evidence after the blasts is quickly washed away by fire engines and, needless to say, information publicised by the Syrian State is biased if not laughable.
Clue number 1. Every time the pro-Assad forces raid a town, village, school, house or mosque they tend to leave some very clear messages behind. An infamous and rather disturbing one is “Either Assad or we burn the country down”. I would happily dismiss it had it appeared once or twice but ask the residents of Homs, Idlib, Duma and you will be told that, worryingly, this is a slogan that is echoed widely within regime supporters. Could it therefore be that these blasts are a step-by-step implementation of that rhetoric?

Clue number 2. The highest religious figure in Syria is the Grand Mufti Bader-Al-Deen Hasoon. He is directly appointed by the President and he holds this position for life. Needless to say that the President cannot take risks by appointing this position based on merit. Instead Grand Mufti Hasoon is widely considered to be the dictionary definition of hypocrite and acts as a mouthpiece for the Assad establishment. This regime representative made a speech during a sermon in October 2011 in which he made a very direct statement. He publicly announced that should the country be threatened or attacked, the regime had the capacity to mobilise jihadi suicide bombers everywhere. Somehow we ignore this public threat coming directly by a representative of Assad and instead we try searching for the needle in the haystack.

Clue number 3. If the regime’s own statements are not enough evidence then let’s look at sources outside the borders. The International Community openly pointed the finger at the Assad regime and its henchmen during the Lebanon bombings in which Rafiq Al Hariri, the anti-Syrian Prime Minister, was assassinated. The method? A suicide bomb blast on his motorcade. An international investigation found strong evidence that members of Assad’s long-time partner and beneficiary Hezbollah were behind the assassination. The period between 2004 and 2008 was riddled with bombings and assassinations aimed at strong critics and enemies of the Assad regime in Lebanon, proving vividly that this regime is perfectly capable of orchestrating such acts

Clue number 4. It is not just in Lebanon that the Assad regime has a history of terrorism. In 2009 the Obama administration and the government of Nouri Al-Malki in Iraq repeatedly pointed the finger on Assad and accused him of organising jihadi groups on Syrian soil and exporting them into Iraq in order to carry out terrorist attacks and cause continuous sectarian tension and strife.

The last couple of clues demonstrate that the Assad regime has a history of sponsoring and mobilising jihadi terrorists for its advantage in the region – something which analysts suffering from memory loss seem to not be able to recall. The difference now is that it is using them within the Syrian borders.

So many evidence suggested  that, kidnapping Lebanese also carried out by Assad criminal as try to evoke religions hatreds, and drags Lebanese into this conflict so that, if  the world is blinded  by this distortion, name sake of  security of the regions  let the criminal stay power. What would cost of  the world then?  This is popular upraising also educated young population, they have feed by world of open information, will not back down until the criminal is removed. So  scaling of the problem whether cost(better for the regional/ world security) of let the criminal stay  or remove him!