Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Assad is a War Criminal

Evidence of  Assad  Committed War Crime

 "Everywhere we went, we saw burnt and destroyed houses, shops and cars, and heard from people whose relatives were killed. It was as if the Syrian government forces used every minute before the ceasefire to cause harm," said senior HRW researcher Anna Neistat on Wednesday… 
 "Indeed, their conclusions, that civilians had been deliberately targeted; that there had been people who had been taken out and executed; that there was both - my words, not theirs - a form of collective punishment going on and quite discriminate elimination of homes...that belonged to people who were known to be in opposition to the government - yes, we saw all of that," said McNaught....

Here is also
(Reuters) - Syrian government forces killedat least 95 civilians, many in cold blood, and destroyed hundreds of houses ina two-week offensive in the northern province of Idlib during ceasefire negotiations,Human Rights Watch said on Wednesday.   

The world must brought Assad to justice for his traitorous crime against the Syrian people.