Friday, May 25, 2012


UPDATE (25/05/2012): Another Friday, another day of protest across Syria (actually, EVERYDAY is a day of protest across Syria). A number of martyrs have fallen, including 6 farmworkers slaughtered in the town of Shayzar near Hama and a child shot by a sniper in Irbin, Damascus suburbs. For any latecomers, Islamophobes or regime apologists out there the people of Binnish would like to say: "WE ARE NOT TERRORISTS." BUT Freedom Lovers 

WOW A GREAT FREEDOM CHOREOGRAPHERS! THEY ARE AT THE WORLD STAGE! World better watch out! Here come the greatest freedom fighters! They are coming with their colors their songs their freedom! Hooray they dance they march they sing they are free!  Lets freedom dance! Whole world lets freedom dance! We dance until we are free!!  We dance,  beat our drums, we match for our freedom!